How ya doin'? You must be Stuart
And I have an empty stomach! Now, get that mouse!
~ Smokey ordering the cats.
Beaten by a mouse and his pet cat, what could be worse? (Bark Bark) Oh, nice doggy. No, NOOOOOO!!!!!
~ Smokey's last words.

Smokey is the main antagonist of the first Stuart Little film, despite his small role. He was voiced by Chazz Palminteri, who also voiced Buster in Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure.


Although he is the main villain, he has little screen time. He is the leader of a group of Mafia-like alley cats who all desire to eat Stuart. He indeed has a certain air of a crime boss with a Mafia-like personality.

He made a deal with Snowbell that involved getting Stuart out of the house, by cornering the Stouts and forcing them to be pawns in his plan. However, as Mr. and Mrs. Little learn that the Stouts weren't Stuart's real parents, Smokey decided that he and his gang will eat Stuart the same night.

Smokey and his gang chased Stuart through the city park and the sewers. Later, Stuart returns to the park to make it his new home. However, Snowbell warned him to get outta there, causing them to be discovered. Afterwards, Smokey decided to kill them both after Snowbell reformed. As he was about to attack Snowbell, Stuart hits him with a treebranch, causing him to fall in the water.

In the end, he is attacked by a pack of dogs offscreen and is presumably killed.