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The "Smoke Monster" was a monster that Garnet was trying to destroy in the episode "Together Breakfast", until Steven distracted her. The Smoke Monster's power comes from the crushed Gems used as the scroll's pigments.
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"Together Breakfast"

It escaped from an evil scroll and possessed Steven's Together Breakfast. Gaining all the powers of a breakfast, it pinned down the Gems, broke Pearl's spear, and almost defeated them, until Steven destroyed it along with the breakfast.


  • The Smoke Monster resembles Giygas from the Super Nintendo RPG, Earthbound. (Or Mother 2 in Japan.)
  • It is unknown how long the smoke would last without a corporeal host, as it was destroyed soon after creation.
  • It was revealed by Joe Johnston on Tumblr that the Gems responsible for the smoke monster were ground up and used for pigments in the ink on the burned scroll.
  • Despite being crushed to dust, the magic in these Gems allowed them to remain functioning on some level, similarly to broken Gem Shards.
  • Furthermore, they remained conscious, proven by the audible screams once the scroll was set ablaze.

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