Smitty 2

Smitty is a deranged gunman who hangs around with Van Zant in the manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z. Van Zant forced him to shoot an old man, and he discovered he liked killing innocent people, so they terrorized cities and shot people, until they decided to go after Majin Boo so that they could have all the victims to themselves. Smitty and Van Zant blew up Boo's house, but Mr. Satan attacked Smitty, knocking him off the hill they were on and knocking him out.

After Van Zant's death, Smitty witnessed the battle between Boo and Pure Evil Majin Boo. When Pure Evil Boo ate Fat Boo and turned into Evil Majin Boo, he went after Smitty. The gunman shot him, but the holes in him healed up. Evil Boo turned to liquid form and went down Smitty's throat, making him expand until he exploded.

Due to the brutal nature of his death scene, a great deal of it was cut from the American version shown on television. All we see is Evil Boo heading for Smitty's mouth, then Satan watching, then it shows the explosion, making clear Smitty was destroyed. Because of his crimes, Smitty was one of Boo's victims to not be revived from the Namekian Dragon Balls since the wish asked that the really evil ones be exempt from revival.