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Brother Rivals

The two Smilodon Brothers appear as the main antagonists in episode 5, "Sabre Tooth", in the documentary miniseries Walking with Beasts.


The Brothers are rivals to the leader of the pride named Half Tooth. They threatened Half Tooth's leadership to the pride, and they work together against him. They ultimately chased him off as he backed down as they were too strong for him. They also killed his cubs and they take over the pride. Later, a Megatherium killed one of the rival males, enabling Half Tooth to return and challenge the remaining brother. After a brief but ferocious fight, the remaining brother was defeated and severely injured by Half-Tooth. The rival male fled and soon died from his wounds, thus ending the reign of The Brothers.


They are almost based on Scar from the 1994 Disney film, The Lion King, though they did not kill Half Tooth to take the pride, only his cubs.

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