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I did it for the lulz.
~ Anonymous

Smiley is the titular character in the 2012 horror movie Smiley. He is an urban legend that kills people through the Web by typing the phrase "I did it for the lulz", after typing this phrase three times in any one online chat Smiley will appears few seconds later to kill the user across the network.

Smiley became so famous on the internet that he also won he the own cult created by some of his followers, they dress as Smiley outfit and do the same thing that Smiley makes on his murders. 

He was portrayed by Michael Traynor.


Currently there is not much to say about the Smiley role in the film, as he only made him the true apparition at the end of the film, at the time one of the followers of Smiley write the sentence "I did it for the lulz" three times in an online Chat with Proxy, a friend of the protagonist who for unknown reasons also conspired with minions of Smiley to terrorize the protagonist, they succeeded in killing their own friend using the Smiley as a kind of paranoia for her, and after the minion had write the phrase three times in Chat, Smiley came from behind Proxy, stabbing her in the eye of Proxy, killing her quickly, a few seconds later Smiley waved to the webcam and out-the, ending the film.

Most of the events in the film were mainly caused by the followers of Smiley, who pretended to be Smiley all this time as Smiley killed people on the internet.