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"They say The Devil's visage make sane men mad."
Wolfman123Added by Wolfman123
Spread the word.
~ Smile Dog

Smile Dog is a fictional supernatural entity which was the focus of the story Smile.jpg - which grew into an internet meme in a similar manner to BEN, Zalgo, Jeff the KillerSlender Man and alot more.

Smile Dog is believed to be a demonic creature resembling a grinning dog which appears in photographs, the victim often going mad or doomed to some horrible fate while the line "Spread the word" is revealed.

Smile Dog is normally depicted as a husky but it can also be depicted as a grotesque Lovecraftian Horror, which may be Smile Dog's "true form" - in all forms the trademark grin is noticable- Wait... i hear scratching at my door. i shall go investigate.   

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