The Sly Bounty Hunter is a minor antagonist in the Dragon Hunters episode For a Few Veggies More. Although he poses no physical threat, he uses his intelligence to trap his targets.

History Edit

He finds out about the 1.00 gold coin bounty on the Dragon Hunters' head and decides to collect it. As a Wologang roams a nearby forest, he sets traps in the forest and waits for the dragon hunters to arrive to slay the dragon.

Gwizdo, Lian Chu and Hector indeed arrive but are disguised as bounty hunters and accompanied by the leader of the Zimbranelle dwarves, who was the one to set the bounty. The group is joined by another bounty hunter who recognizes the dwarven elder and asks him why he is accompanied by other bounty hunters, having expected that the bounty was exclusively set for him. The dwarven elder assures the bounty hunter that Gwizdo and Lian Chu are incompetent bounty hunters, eventually angering Gwizdo so much that he removes the disguise and reveals their true identities. He regrets it the instant and the Dragon Hunters are forced to run from the dwarven leader and the bounty hunter. Eventually, the dwarf and the bounty hunter capture Hector but are then approached by the Sly Bounty Hunter, who thinks that the dwarf and the other bounty hunter are Gwizdo and Lian Chu. He reveals that they are standing on one of his traps and then activates it, trapping the three inside a net.

He then plans to kill the three, as he is not physically strong enough to deliver the three alive. Luckily for the captives, the Wologang comes closer and the Sly Body Hunter decides to collect their corpses later. He then runs off, leaving his captives in the net. They are saved by Gwizdo and Lian Chu when the dwarf agrees to revoke the bounty.

Lian Chu eventually defeats the Wologang. After killing it, he spots something inside the Wologang's mouth. On closer inspection this is revealed as the Sly Bounty Hunters torn robe, revealing that he was killed and eaten by the Wologang.

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