The Sloth Demon in its abomination form.

The Sloth Demon is a powerful demonic entity encountered in the game Dragon Age: Origins. It is an embodiment of the deadly sin of Sloth that exists in the dream world of the “Fade”, and subdues its victims by coercing them into resting and then trapping them in dreams where they are given the illusion of peace. The Sloth Demon can take on a variety of different appearances, and its unique natural form, if it even has one, has yet to be seen.


The Sloth Demon as a bear during the Harrowing.

The Sloth Demon first appears in the introduction level for a Mage character, where it takes the form of a bear-like monster and can be persuaded to teach the Mouse (who turns out to be the true demon of the Harrowing test) to turn into a bear.

The Sloth Demon as an Arcane Horror in its inner sanctum.

The Sloth Demon’s main appearance in the story is during the quest where the Mage tower is invaded by demons. When the party reaches the room where it resides in the form of an “Abomination”, it puts them to sleep and traps them in the Fade, where the main character has to go on a journey to defeat the Demon’s five minions in charge of controlling the Fade, and rescue the other party members. After that is accomplished, the party can confront the Sloth Demon in its Inner Sanctum, where it says you have hurt its feelings for not appreciating its “gift” of eternal blissful oblivion, and has to be fought five times, in order, as an ogre, a fire demon, an abomination, a Shade monster and finally as an Arcane Horror. After it is defeated, the party returns to the real world an can go to the top floor to fight Uldred.