Sloane Taylor BWOC 3x19
Sloane Taylor was the main villainess from "What's the Story, Morning Corey?" and "Thanks," the two-part series finale of Big Wolf on Campus.

She was played by Jessica Welch, who also played Carole Lefevre in the first season episode, "Cat Woman."

Sloane briefly appeared in "What's the Story, Morning Corey?" as the object of affection for Merton Dingle, but she appeared to be more interested in Tommy Dawkins. She was later held hostage by Corey Feldman, who was revealed to be a vampire avenging his famous best friend, Corey Haim, but she is rescued by Tommy, Merton, and Lori. Sloane turned heel in the end of the episode, when she was revealed to be working for the Evil Werewolf Syndicate, and she has her sights set on both Tommy and Merton.

In "Thanks," Sloane is seen with Tommy, which upsets Merton, because Tommy promised that he'd back off. In actuality, this was part of Sloane's evil plan to get to Merton, which she does when she visits him and tells him that she's not interested in Tommy, and later kisses Merton. Sloane's kiss actually kills Merton, which Merton figures out after he dies and witnesses her lips at work. When Tommy shows up to pick up Sloane for their date to the prom, Sloane reveals her alliance to the Syndicate when she is seen with Gil, the only member who survived an attack by Merton's former werewolf-eating vampire girlfriend, Cassandra, who Merton sent to the Syndicate.

Sloane also revealed that she's a bounty hunter for the Syndicate and she plans to take Tommy's werewolf powers for her own. When Tommy refuses, Sloane shows him Merton's deceased body, and promises to revive him with her kiss if he gives his powers to her. Tommy agrees, but Merton manages to possess Sloane and kiss his own body to revive him, thwarting her plans. Sloane attempts to kill both Tommy and Merton by blowing kisses to both of them, but Merton manages to ricochet one of them towards Sloane, killing her in the process.