For the 2011 incarnation, please see Slithe (2011)

Slithe was one of the primary antagonists of the 1985 Thundercats cartoon series. A large anthropomorphic lizard, Slithe was the leader of the faction of the evil Mutants present on Third Earth.

Slithe was one of the three original Mutants to follow the Thundercats to Third Earth. Shortly afterwards he, Monkian, and Jackalman met the undead sorcerer Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra buried their ship beneath the sands outside their pyramid and forced the Mutants to become his servants.

Remaining the self-appointed leader of the Mutants stranded on Third Earth, Slithe was the embodiment of all that is evil about that Plun-Darr race – ruthless, cunning, cruel and totally without remorse. Slithe craved the power of the Eye of Thundera and did not let nothing stand between him and the Eye.

One of the more perceptive and intelligent Mutants, one of Slithe’s greatest weaknesses was his overconfidence and ruthless ambition coupled with a traitorous nature. All these traits exploited by the devil priest Mumm-Ra in his efforts to force the Mutants to act as vessels of his own lust for power.