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Here comes Slipknot: The man who can climb anything.
~ Rick Flag about Slipknot
Slipknot is a minor villain in the 2016 DC Warner Bros. film Suicide Squad. He is portrayed by Adam Beach.


Although not initially considered for the Task Force X, Slipknot was added to the team after the escape of the Enchantress. After being injected with a nanite explosive, he was driven to the base outside of Midway City, where he attacked a female ARGUS agent immediately after stepping out of the car, to the amusement of Harley Quinn.

On their flight into Midway City, the squad's helicopter is shot down by Incubus, causing it to crash into Midway City. After emerging, the squad ventures through the city and Boomerang tricks Slipknot into believing the bombs used to control them are a ruse. Slipknot then attempts to escape and is killed by Rick Flag, the team leader, when he detonates the bomb inside Slipknot's head, decapitating him and confirming to Boomerang that the bombs are real.



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