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Slime (Minecraft)

Slimes are a unique type of monster found in the popular game Minecraft. Slimes usually appear deep under ground in caves or mineshafts, but were recently updated to spawn in Swamp biomes at night. Slimes, when attacked, split into smaller Slimes. There are three sizes of a slime, big, medium, and small. Big and medium slimes can hurt the player, though small slimes, while still hostile, cannot.

Slimes, like Creepers and Spiders, do not ignite when in the sun. Slimes also appear more abundantly on a Flatlands world due to the low level Flatlands are known for. When small slimes are killed, they sometimes drop Slime Balls, used to make Sticky Pistons.

Magma Cubes

Magma Cubes are found in The Nether and are that world's version of the Slime. Like Slimes, they come in three sizes, and split apart when killed. Unlike Slimes however, they drop Magma
Magma Cube
Cream when killed, which can be used to make Fire Charges or be put in to potions. Because they live in the Nether, they are immune to fire and lava.

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