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Slick Clyde, later known as Lord Clyde, is the leader of the terrorist gang known as the Coyotes and the main antagonist of the 1999 video game Vigilante 8: Second Offense.

In the original Vigilante 8, Clyde is a self-absorbed hick who joins the Vigilantes against his will and soon aspires to be the leader. He drives an SUV that resembles a Ford Bronco, and his special weapon causes powerful lightning bolts to strike the targeted car. After putting on a wristband made by corrupt oil company OMAR, he is brainwashed and soon becomes the new leader of the Coyotes and the new CEO of OMAR.

In Second Offense, Clyde travels back in time to the 1977 to have a second chance at beating the Vigilantes. He drives a limousine which also has a lightning-based special weapon. He fails to defeat the Vigilantes, and his right hand Keiko "Obake" Uzami kills him by rigging his limo to crash into a building.