Think you can beat Sledge? Nuh uh, cause Sledge is too smart for you!
~ Sledge to the Protagonist Vault Hunter

Sledge is one of the main bosses in Borderlands who is built up as a major antagonist early in the game. He is the brutal and muscular leader of all the bandits in planet Pandora's Arid Badlands. Sledge resides in Headstone Mines, where he holds a piece of the key to the Vault. The Guardian Angel describes him as "a bad man, who has done terrible things to the people of Fyrestone", and one minor character had his family killed by Sledge who then made a tent from their skin. In battle, Sledge uses both a hammer and shotgun, the latter of which is obtained by the player after killing him and is one of the best (And most inaccurate.) weapons in the game. The weapon is called "Sledge's Shotgun" and its statistics are as follows: Name: Sledge's Shotgun Description: The Legend Lives Rarity Color: Purple Manufacturer: Jakobs Damage: Level-dependent Level Requirement: Level-dependent Value: Level-dependent Accuracy: 0 Fire Rate: 4.6 +150% Melee Damage +106% Damage +10,000% Burst Fire Count

In the expansion "The Secret Armory of General Knox", Sledge has been revived as a cyborg monstrosity known as "Motorhead" by his fellow bandits, but he became even more of a mindless killing machine and one of his midget minions begs the player to put him out of his misery, oblivious to the fact that they're the one who killed Sledge in the first place.