The Sleaze is a villain of The Real Ghostbusters. He is a gross and smelly Class 5 ghost.



The Ghostbusters and Slimer manage to confine and trap a disgusting ghost named the Sleaze. Ray Stanz tells Slimer not to tease the Sleaze. Slimer, unfortunately, doesn't listen and ends up accidentally freeing the Sleaze from the Containment Unit when he makes the Sleaze roar with such a force that the spud is slammed against a button that shuts the grid off temporarily. When the Sleaze runs loose, Slimer gets help from the Junior Ghostbusters to recapture the Sleaze. After several failed attempts, the Sleaze is eventually returned to the Containment Unit.

The Real Ghostbusters

During a summer heatwave and day 10 of a garbage strike, the Glob meets Professor Dweeb and has him free the Sleaze, his younger brother, in exchange for Slimer. Professor Dweeb uses the stench of a sardine sandwich to lure the Sleaze to the port hole of the Containment Unit and extracted it with a strange-looking device. Dweeb brings Sleaze to Glob at the Bay Bridge Garbage Dump in New Jersey. The deal is nullified when Sleaze elects to get revenge on Slimer. The Glob and the Sleaze become a monster named the Slob by merging together and defeats the Ghostbusters. The Slob is soon sighted back in Manhattan.Egon Spengler deduces the best strategy is to separate and trap them individually Peter Venkman enlists Professor Dweeb to set up the trap. From atop a roof, Dweeb pretended to announce his victory over Slimer, thus attracting Sleaze. Peter and Winston re-trapped him while Egon and Ray dealt with Glob.


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