The Slave Girl is a major antagonist in the video game Dante's Inferno. She only appears in cutscenes. She is an unnamed Acre prisoner who offered Dante "comfort" in exchange for the freedom of her and her "brother".

During The Crusades Dante asks Francesco why King Richard would want them to "babysit" a thousand prisoners, and that's when Dante commited the sin of Lust, for Dante had sex with the slave girl and subsequently breaks his vow with Beatrice about being faithful to her. This later triggers the inciting incident, where Lucifer abducts Beatrice after losing her wager with him. Dante is true to his word, and arranges to have them both released. In the Hall of Gluttons, Lucifer shows Dante his family being slaughtered, and reveals that the Slave Girl was not the Avenger's sister, but his wife. The Slave Girl indirectly causes the death of Dante, Beatrice, and Alighiero when her husband killed them in revenge. It is unknown of the slave girl after these events. She only appears in flashbacks.

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