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Slave Beast Taka (奴隷獣タカ) is a recurring boss in the Contra series, appearing in Contra III: The Alien Wars and Contra:Shattered Soldier as the very first boss in both games. A similar boss appears in the non-canon Contra:Legacy of War.

Taka appears as a large tortoise-like monster, busting out from a wall to face the heroes. It mainly attacks by spitting out maggots and releasing bees from the cavities in it's shell. It will also stretch it's neck to attack and shoot a laser beam from it's mouth. In the rematch in Shattered Soldier it attacks in most the same way, but once it's head is destroyed Taka will turn on it's back, revealing a gruesome large human-like face. It will once again release bees and maggots, as well as vomiting on the place.

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