Slappy in israeli 1969

Schlapuel Mordecai Yom D'unekh VI, also called "Slappy Dunes", is the main antagonist of the Bud and Randy series. He does however, occasionally swap sides from evil to Bud and Randy's side if there is a bigger threat than himself, and he must fight with Bud and Randy and seems to be smarter than both Bud and Randy. He sometimes stays on Bud and Randy's side the entire episode, and other times, He returns to his evil ways afterwards. Slappy is of Jewish religion, and is proud of it. Slappy is known to be somewhat of a voice of reason throughout the series, as well as the main source of comic relief. He is voiced by Alex McFarlane. He speaks with a thick Sean Connery style accent. Once, he explained it is not an accent, only a speech problem. In newer episodes, he revealed he lied that it was a speech impediment, and was the cause of a stroke he suffered from when he was 36 years old.

Schlapuel Yom "Slappy" D'unekh, is the extremely classy, Israeli, easily offended Jewish narcoterrorist, assassin and terrorist. Slappy often is offended by the simplest things that don't even matter, including dead life at a dinner party, He does however gets offended by people who talk rudely towards Jews, being a Jew, people who make a Hitler jokes, often stating that was "a very tough time for us"  and he is emotionally intrigued by the beginning riff to "My Heart with Go On" By Celion Dion. He was born in 1942. He often uses big words in his sentences. His voice is similar to Sean Connery, because Slappy has a speech impediment similar to Connery's accent. However, his younger self, has a lot more uvulation in his voice. He has been referred to by Alan as "ugly".

When Slappy was 10 he went to Zon Kaleen Bais Yaakov in 1952.

When Slappy was 13, he had his bar mitzvah in 1955, he went on his first visit to a synagogue in 1959 when he was 17. He went to a Yeshiva the same year. When Slappy was 20, he graduated from Yeshiva University, which was his first time in a different state, New York.

He is voiced Alex McFarlane. (This page is exactly the same as the Slappy Dunes page, but featuring info about the character, Slappy Dunes as a hero rather than an antagonist.)

He is the series' main antagonist.

Randy and Bud planned to venture to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 25th (Christmas Day) to meet Slappy for the first time. Slappy first officially appeared by escaping from his dod (uncle) abandoned mansion while he was serving house arrest in Palestine. Slappy escaped from a bag and first went to Randy and Bud in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country they had thought Slappy was in,  later revealing the latter to be in Palestine. Slappy was eventually bailed out by Alan in Palestine, to where Alan brought Slappy to Bosnia and Herzegovina in his computer bag. Slappy was sent to the future to. He recently went to forward into time to 2022, where, ironically, his home country is said to no longer exist, making him fret to make an escape plan and live in Palestine by 2020.

Slappy agreed to let Randy and Bud stay in his house back in Israel in his mansion, while he was attending a synogogue. Slappy revealed himself to be rich at one point. Slappy is currently stationed in the Gaza Strip for business duties, and to visit some friends.  He plans to spend his 2013 hannakuh in Cairo. He is 71, but it does not seem as though. He first appeared after his bail from the Yitznatik Penetinuary in Jerusalem. Slappy stated he was arrested when Yitzhak Havon was president, and was released when Shimon Peres was president.

  • He speaks English, Hebrew and Aramaic, which Alex McFarlane learned for the character.  A much younger version of Slappy was introduced in the episode "Slapadoodledoo", where Slappy created a time leaping mechonism which reversed him to the year 1969, where he met himself when he was 27-years-old.
  • This page is a duplicate of the original, only using it to note Bud & Randy's main antagonist, Slappy Dunes' role as a hero.
  • Sometimes episodes feature Slappy's role change from an antagonist to a hero based on the Insensity of what goes on around them, most likely being when Slappy is trapped in an area with Bud and Randy and must work with them to get out, but most of the time he serves as an antagonist, notable episodes he did not serve as a villain were:
  • Time Battle: Changing Tommorow - he helped Randy get time to flow back to 2012, because Randy turned back time and now in 2012, Bud, and Alan do not know who Randy is, Meanwhile, Slappy is very wealthy, and Randy seeks his help.
  • Behold the Imbosol - He became part of duo when Bud couldn't keep the door up to let all three escape in time, Hence, Slappy had to work with them to get out.
  • The Antagonist of Bud and Randy is now the main protagonist of his own series, Slappy! Slappy Dunes of Bud & Randy has moved back to Israel to star in his own spin off series, Slappy! Slappy has moved back to Az Najer where new character abound, such as Abe Nalchekev (Alex McFarlane) among others!
  • Slappy Dunes, the main antagonist of Bud & Randy, Is getting his own tv show entitled Slappy! Where Slappy Dunes, of course is the main protagonist.
  • The show does not really have a theme song, but more a "theme talk" it goes like this,

Slappy is sitting crosslegged in his armchair with a newspaper informing viewers "Well the Titans won" before switching to the logo with a single rimshot.

Slappy has multiple catchphrases:

  • breathes deeply and lowers hand on face* "Focus"
  • Hand me that _____ (proceeds to barf into the object the person handed him)
  • I'm interested, (crosses leg) *We* are interested.
  • Bud found a letter from the Israeli Police Department stating that Slappy committed over 163 different felonies prior to meeting Bud and Randy these are:
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Aggravated assault and/or battery
  • Manslaughter
  • Vehicle  homicide
  • Arson
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Tax evasion
  • Various forms of fraud
  • The manufacture, sale, distribution, or possession with intent to distribute, of certain types and/or quantities of illegal drugs;
  • In some states, the simple possession (possession without intent to distribute, e.g., for personal use) of certain types of illegal drugs, usually in more than a certain quantity but regardless of quantity for some drugs in some jurisdictions (such as Virginia forcocaine and heroin);
  • Grand larceny or grand thefti.e.larceny or theft above a certain statutorily established value or quantity of goods; and
  • Vandalism on federal property.
  • Treason;
  • Kidnapping;
  • Obstruction of justice;
  • Perjury;
  • Check fraud;
  • Copyright infringement;
  • Child pornography (also includes only viewing pictures);
  • Mail tampering;
  • Theft of money over a certain amount;
  • Violating paroleprobation, or recognizance bond;
  • Threatening an official (police officer, judge)

In fact, Slappy has stated there isn't one crime he hasn't committed, and that not a day goes by where he doesn't regret his felonies.

Antagonistic Side

He kept Alan hostage in a closed glass room and even transferred "Wild Californian Hornets" into the space. Slappy continued to keep Alan hostage and said he would release him in the next 15 years. However, Alan was able to contact Bud to help him escape.

One time Slappy tried to kill Alan, Randy, and Bud, by tieing them up and hanging them over a lava pool. 

Slappy also once tried to get rid of Alan for good by saying his cat was stuck on the ledge, and asked Alan to retrieve him, but once Alan stepped out the window onto the ledge, Slappy closed and locked the window, trapping Alan outside.

He has been to prison 31 times in his life.

He has smuggled illegal drugs and even tried to offer them to Randy, Alan, or even Bud.

He committed grand arson to a building