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Slam Witch

Slamwitch is a giant monster created by Gramma Stuffum from the Kids Next Door episode, "Operation: F.O.O.D.F.I.T.E.".


After Numbuhs 1-5 overpowered stuffem and her infantry, Stuffems brings in her beast, Slamwitch, to deal with them and succeeded only to have a monster fight with a monster sized hamster named Whooping.  They fought equally at first until Stuffems used a type of casserole to stun the hamster's sights a bit and Slamwitch landing some good blows on him, and just when Whooping was about to meet his maker, Numbuhs 1-5 (who are still alive and undigested), stunned the giant sandwich from the inside, thus giving Whooping a succesful chance of turning the tides on Slamwitch to where Whoopine ate him entirely one piece and bite at a time.

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