Skyler Kase

Skyler Kase was a recurring villainess from Fox's short-lived series, Fastlane.

She was played by Krista Allen, who also played Desiree Atkins on Smallville and Teresa Telenko on Monk.

Skyler Kase first appeared in the episode, "Defense," originally posing as a subordinate member of Cyrus One's criminal operation. However, after Billie shoots Cyrus in a confrontation, Skyler is revealed as an FBI agent in the end of the episode, and she participates in interrogating Billie, who ends up arrested for Cyrus' murder.

Skyler's true villainy is revealed in the following episode, "Offense," when she seduces K-9 into killing one of his loyal co-horts in order to take over as the leader of the operation. She later turned against K-9 when she held a gun at him, Van, and Deaq, and had her new henchman, who she simply referred to as "God," kill K-9 by snapping his neck. It is later revealed that Skyler played a role in setting up Billie, having her henchman remove Cyrus' gun after he was shot; which led to Billie being arrested. The villainess also proclaimed that she plans to lead the entire operation, but she escapes once Billie and an Internal Affairs agent infiltrate the house, leading to a shootout. Skyler is later pursued by Van in a car chase, which saw Skyler's car flipped over. Skyler calls for Van's help, only for the villainess to point a gun at him. Even with the gas leaking, the evil Skyler fires at an escaping Van, and the gunfire causes the car to explode, killing Skyler.