Sky Marshall Wade
Sky Marshall Wade Exclusive to Voltron Force, he is a corrupt official on the highest seat of power who serves as the secondary antagonist to the series by outlawing Voltron and attempting to reverse engineer the Black Lion's technology to create his own robot lion that he controls via virtual interface. Along with his remote controlled robot soldiers, Wade intended to turn the Alliance into a dictatorship under his control. However, while using the robot lion to eliminate the reassembled Voltron Force, his creation was absorbed by Kala and he was rendered unconscious throughout the remainder of the fight. He later reappears with a dual-pronged effort to destroy the Voltron Force.

When he was a cadet, he wanted to pilot Voltron, but Voltron rejected him and he went insane every since.

He was later arrested for his crimes.

He still doesn't know the full power of Voltron.