The kids confronted the Magnavores to retrieve Mums' lost, cursed, and magical scarab necklace. To deal with the Beetleborgs, Skullhead was called from the comics and he pulled the heroes into another dimension. Skullhead was referred to (by Jara) as her bodyguard. In battle, Skullhead could blast lasers from his eyes, teleport, and move/attack at great speeds (albeit upside down mostly). He was quickly defeated in this new dimension, with the combined efforts of the Beetleborgs' weapons and the power of Mega Blue Beetleborg and his Thunder Stinger. When he was defeated, the Magnavores retreated and left behind the scarab necklace. He is mentioned by Roland as being from issue #137 of the Beetleborgs comic book series. Skullhead seemed impressed by Roland's knowledge of comic books.