Skull punch

Skull Punch is the name of a supposedly British heavy metal band that had supposedly died and returned as ghosts, living in an old, lame-looking RV in The Park. After Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost decided to crash their RV into a crash pit they had made two weeks ago, the ghosts captured them and planned to leave them inside of the RV when it exploded in the crash pit. They are one of the only people that died twice on Regular Show. They performed a rock song while the RV was going into the crash pit, but failed to jump off before it went into the hole, and they died again. The names of each band member (as revealed during the credits) are Nigel (bassist), Harold (lead singer and guitarist), and Archie (drummer). All three band members were only seen in two episodes Regular Show's "Terror Tales of the Park", a Halloween special, in one of the short, and "Death Metal Crash Pit". The Skull Punch is revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in "Exit 9B". But they were eventually sent back to the portal.


  • Even though they are supposedly just a story told by Muscle Man, they appear as villains in "Exit 9B ".