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SkullScorpiomon are one of the antagonists in Digimon Fusion.


SkullScorpiomon is an Ultimate Class Digimon that resemble skeleton-like scorpions. In Digimon Fusion, there's a grey SkullScorpiomon that's the leader of the pack.

Digimon Fusion

Lord SkullScorpiomon

Lord SkullScorpiomon

A large army of SkullScorpiomon are members of the Bagra Army. They serve under Blastmon and Laylamon.

They are led by a grey version of SkullScorpiomon called; Lord SkullScorpiomon. A small ammount of the SkullScorpiomon got killed by a rolling BigMamemon. The leader of the SkullScorpiomon was killed by Laylamon to replace him with Machinedramon. The Fusion Fighters attacked the SkullScorpiomon while Mikey tries to save Reapmon's life. Eventually during the battle several SkullScorpiomon get devoured by Machinedramon, and the rest were killed when Machinedramon absorbed their data to become HiMugendramon. When HiMugendramon was destroyed the SkullScorpiomon army was gone too.



  • Poison Pierce
  • Black Out

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