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SkullMeramon (Sometimes refered to as DeathMeramon,) was a minor villain in Digimon Adventure, and Digimon Fusion. SkullMeramon was first seen as one of Myotismon's henchmen who was searching for the eighth DigiDestined. He also works as a lieutenant for AncientVolcanomon in Digimon Fusion.


SkullMeramon is a tall Ultimate class demon-like Digimon. He has a blueish purple hair and red eyes, he wears a mask made of metal that sort of resemeble a skull. Most of his body is covered with chains. His pants have markings of flames on the side, and his boots has metal on that looks like skulls and wings. 

Digimon Adventures 01

Mimi and Sora first encountered SkullMeramon as a disguised figure in his hat and trench-coat at the top of Tokyo Tower, looking for the 8th DigiDestined. Birdramon and Togemon tried their best to stop him, but was no match for him. Tai, Greymon, Izzy and Kabuterimon arrived. Even with they arrived to help Mimi and Sora, thay were still no match for him, because they used Fire type attacks, but it's proven to be useless and that fire makes him stronger. They eventually ended the battle when Greymon Digivolved to MetalGreymon and destroyed him with his Giga Blaster.

Digimon World 2

SkullMeramon appears as one of the Digimon of the Blood Knights along with Meramon and Flarerizamon.

Digimon Adventures (PSP)

Skullmeramon was a mid-game boss fight.

Digimon Fusion

SkullMeramon is a lieutenant of AncientVolcanomon's soldiers. He appeared with his RedMeramon army while the Fusion Fighters were relaxed in a hot springs. After the RedMeramon were defeated, SkullMeramon easily beaten Shoutmon X2, Jeremy, and Mikey. SkullMeramon later attacked again and put up a great fight against Shoutmon X3, but was beaten, but he survived. SkullMeramon reappeared again to fight with the Fusion Fighters, but was defeated again by Shoutmon X2 before AncientVolcanomon arrived to battle the Fusion Fighters. While BlueMeramon helped the Fusion Fighters recover the Fusion Loader, SkullMeramon suddenly killed BlueMeramon, and Shoutmon finally destroyed SkullMeramon before BlueMeramon died.


  • Heavy Metal Fire: Spews metal blue fire from his mouth at his opponent.
  • Chain of Pain: Whips his enemies with his flaming chains.
  • Blazing Iron Whip: Attacks with multiple fire chains.



  • SkullMeramon bears a strong resemblence to the Marvel comics Anti-hero; Ghost Rider.
    • They both use chains for weapons, they both use powerful fire-based attacks, and their face resemble flamming skulls.
  • SkullMeramon's Pre-Digimon form either; Meramon, or BlueMeramon.
  • SkullMeramon can Digivolve into Boltmon.

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