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Skorge was the leader of the Locust Horde, after the death of General RAAM. He was shown to have been more sophisicated then RAAM, and was a much larger threat to the COG. Skorge was also the first known human to have been turned to a locust, and after becoming a serial killer among his prodigee, he was granted the title of general after RAAM was defeated. The Locust Queen gave Skorge his first new assignment as general: Sink the city of Jacinto, the last hope of the COG, the Locust Horde's enemies. Skorge use's a Chainsaw staff as his favored weapon and he also use's the rift worm to sink human cities.


Dizzy vs Skorge

Skorge first appears during the (Hollow Storm Operation) jumping out of a hole and attacking Dizzy and Tai. The 2nd encounter is when he summons the rift worm to attack Delta teams position.

When Marcus and Skorge meet face to face it becomes a chainsaw duel. Skorge using his staff and Marcus using the lances bayonet. Marcus defeats Skorge but dose not kill him because he gets away.

Chainsaw duel

250px-Rhino Reaver


Skorge comes back riding his hydra trying to kill delta squad during there escape. Delta squad kills Skorge hydra and Skorge falls off it is unkown if he die or is incapacitated

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