Skoda (real name: Jake) is a minor antagonist in the Alex Rider novel, Point Blanc.


Skoda is a drug dealer. He once went to Brookland School in Chelsea in South London but then he got into crime, which eventually led him to prison, where he met Mike Beckett and planned to go into business with him when they both got out. For a laugh, Skoda chose to have his base of crime right next to a police station because it amused him. He was much like Jack the Ripper, thinking the police were fools.

One day, Alex Rider saw Skoda (named after his car make) zoom off after selling drugs to one of his previous friends and a few others. Knowing that drugs was the reason why the school was going downhill, Alex cycled down after Skoda, following the man home to his river boat. The houseboat and a construction yard in the distance gave Alex an idea, so he untied the boat from the jetty and used the construction yard's crane to lift the boat out of the water, scaring Skoda and his henchman Mike Beckett into thinking the boat was sinking. Skoda and Beckett tried to climb out but were trapped, and Alex was intending to lower the boat outside a police car park, but unfortunately, the builders knocked the power off to the crane, and the weight was too much for the crane, so the boat, with the men inside, fell off and hit Putney Riverside Conference Centre where the police chief constable, the Home Secretary and other officials were giving an anti-drug speech. Ironically, the boat with the two drug dealers smashed down into the middle of the conference and alarmed everyone, narrowly killing the Home Secretary in the process. The dealers were hospitalised for many months.

After being in hospital, Skoda and Beckett were arrested.

Descriptions of Skoda, Beckett and their lair

In the book, Skoda is described as being "in his twenties, bald, and had two broken stumps where his front teeth should have been and five metal studs in his ear". His accomplice, Mike Beckett, is described as being "blond-haired and ugly, with twisted lips". Their incredibly rusty old barge (which was Beckett's idea), which serves as their den, is said to be "filthy - obviously neither of the men cared about hygiene", containing a small stove and two bunks, with the rest of the yacht being given over to drug preparation, containing two metal worktops, a sink, Bunsen burners, measuring spoon, glass pipes and beakers.


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