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Skip was a villain in the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, Club Penguin. He appeared in the Puffle Hotel during the Halloween Party of 2014. Gary (the island's scientist) sent players in to search for his uncle, Gariwald VIII, who is a ghost. Skip is also a ghost who pretended to be a bellhop in order to trick the player into building a ghost catching machine with parts from around the hotel. The machine was supposed to catch ghost puffles, which the hotel was haunted with. After the player completes the machine and catches all the puffles, Skip reveals himself to be a ghost, also revealing that he had kidnapped Gariwald VIII. He catches the player in a cage, and plans to use the energy from the ghost puffles to become so strong that he can haunt the island forever. However, the player manages to defeat Skip, and Skip flees, while all the ghost puffles as well as Gariwald VIII are freed.

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