A Skinhead Gang (numbering about 3 individuals) acted as antagonists in the "Southbound Bus" episode of the TV series "Touched By An Angel" and were an example of the Neo-Nazi "White Power" movement in fiction.

Appearance In The Series

Rachel was the estranged daughter of a Jewish father named Sam and drew an offensive cartoon about her people in a newspaper due to her troubled past with her father - however due to events in the episode she began to see the errors of her ways and sought to end the animosity her actions had caused.

However a gang of Skinheads decide to take actions into their own hands and begin to vandalize the local synagogue, when Gloria and Sam arrive the skinheads turn their bats and knives on them, however, Gloria reveals herself as an angel and states, “God made me, He made you, He made Sam. He made us all, He’s the Father of us all…that makes this man your brother, not your enemy!”

The skinheads aren't moved by Gloria's speech and threaten the angel, but at that moment Andrew appears among them and addresses the skinheads. He tells them to turn from their anger before it’s too late. He also tells them that they will get caught and pay the price for their crimes. As they try and escape, the police arrive and arrest them, but the damage has been done; they destroyed the synagogue’s Torah and have beaten Sam, breaking both of his hands. Monica and Rachel arrive and find Sam crumpled on the floor. Rachel realizes that her personal attacks on him and the Jewish people was the catalyst for these attacks.

She and Sam reconcile and ask forgiveness for the years of hostile pride. Sam, with his hands still bandaged, happily lets Rachel help him complete the family Torah in the front of everyone in the synagogue on the Sabbath.