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The Skin-Taker' is the villain of the (fictional) experimental 1971-1972 puppet TV show Candle Cove which is both aimed at children and loosely based on the 1767 short story "The Nickerbocker's Tale". He is a skeleton with glass eyes, which are too big for his sockets. He wears a tophat and cape made from his victim's skin. Most noticeably, he has a jaw which can only move side to side. He mentions that his jaw moves this way to grind skin.

As the name Implies, he skins his victims alive, it can be inferred that he does this for therapy, as his love was killed by someone with burned skin.

THe Skin-Taker uses his victim's skin to construct clothing for himself, most notably a cape and top hat.


  • His birthday is on the same day as Janice's.
  • His appearance can be compared to that of the mythical Baron Samedi.
  • He often breaks the fourth wall, and talks directly to the audience.
  • The reason he has no skin is because Poppy kinned him to avenge his victims.
  • He enjoys throwing tea parties, but it is unknown who he has them with.
  • Some note that his movements are highly realistic, much like those of Poppy.
  • It is hinted during the show that he refers to a higher authority, speculated to be an Eldritch Abomination.
  • His wife is revealed to be Mrs. Skin-Taker, but it turned out to only be a dream, so her actual existence is unconfirmed.
  • A man anonymously claimed to own some records that indicated that there were pirates who went by the "Skin-Taker", but with no indication that any were like the antagonist in Candle Cove. It is also unknown if the records are real or fraud, since the man also claims that they just happened to disappear before historians could check for authenticity.
  • His cape gets longer and longer during the series. At one point, after Janice's actress changes, it gets almost twice as long, which is the most noticeable time when this occurs. It is unknown if this was coincidence, or if the developers did it on purpose as a rather dark joke.

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