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Skillit is a mischievous imp who hails from the Shadowland and a villain in the Mask.

He is 4000 years old, and can use his own living shadow to suck the shadows out of other people, turning them old fast (only the Mask is immune to this due to the power of the Mask of Loki) and allowing him to remain forever young (though he is powerless without his shadow).

He is over 4000 years old but, in his own words, doesn't look a day over 12 (because of this when he is captured, he is often forced to do homework).

He has known everyone who has ever possessed the Mask such as Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Blackbeard, Billie the Kid and Nimrel, a malevolent corruption of Merlin who was transformed into a monster when a magic spell blew up in his face.

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