Skill-Out (武装無能力集団 / スキルアウト) is a collective term of various organizations made up of Level 0's, and are recurring antagonist factions of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. It composes of armed militias that seek to fight for the rights of Level 0s in Academy City and resist supposed "injustices" done upon Level 0s by espers. 


For an unknown period of time, there were many level 0s within Academy City who felt as if they didn't belong in the city because of their lack of abilities. They formed various groups but overtime, they eventually banned together under one banner. These groups all formed Skill-Out as one movement and one organization and all of their members had vowed to rebel against the espers who have been abusing them for so long. These factions later on established their bases and began their operations.



Skill-Out is different as in they are not one organziation, but rather, a collective body made up of various different organizations and factions all harboring the same ideology. This collective body has connections all over Academy City with various factions such as Big Spider and a division based in School District 7 and various others. The leaders of these groups act as commanders for the entire Skill-Out organization but lead their groups independently.


Skill-Out often commits acts of crime and sabotage. Skill-Out members commit different activities depending on what group they belong to. Examples are how Big Spider used their capacity down to gang up and attack espers while the Disctrict 7 Division sabotaged the basic civilian and computer systems to keep their presence hidden. However, they eventually all do get together and will commit acts of terrorism such as the attack against a university and attacks against Academy City forces.

Notable Members

  • Hanzou Hattori - Leader of Skill-Out
  • Ritoku Komaba - School District 7 Division Leader and Member (deceased)
  • Tsuguo Hebitani - Leader of Big Spider and Member (arrested)
  • Tamezou - Member of Big Spider and Member of Skill-Out (arrested)
  • Yokosuka - Member 
  • Tetsu - Member
  • Satoshi - Member 
  • Hikoichi - Member
  • Shiage Hamazura - Field Commander (defected to ITEM)
  • Wataru Kurozuma - Founder and First Leader of Big Spider (defected and betrayed)
  • Mii Konori - Member of Big Spider (defected to Judgment)
  • Numerous Skill-Out Members

Notable Factions