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The Skeleton King

The Skeleton King

Finally, it has all come to pass, exactly as I forseen it.
~ The Skeleton King

The Skeleton King is the main villain of the cartoon series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!. He is Chiro's sworn enemy.

Skeleton King is voiced by Mark Hamill who did the voice for the Joker in the Batman: The Animated Series and animated films that followed, and as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

There are some evidence that he could be Chiro's father because in one episode, the Skeleton King has a collection of Chiro's toys.


The Skeleton King used to be a genius scientist who used his knowledge to benefit Shuggazoom City. One day, he accidentally opened a portal to an evil dimension and was infected by an evil monster. He built the Super Robot Monkeys to protect the world from the evil monster he would soon transform into. Once he finished modifying the robots, he submitted himself to the transformation into the Skeleton King.

Goals and Ambitions

You're not a king. You're a slave!
~ Chiro to the Skeleton King

The Skeleton King wants nothing else than to take over the world and enslave the inhabitants. However, he is merely a servant to far more powerful entites called the Dark Ones and his goal in Shuggazoom is to release the Dark One Worm, his true master. He completes this in the second season finale only for the worm to be decapitated. The worm regenerates and merges with the Skeleton King's head becoming the SKeleton King Worm. Before he could destroy Planet Earth on his galaxy destroying quest, the Hyperforce destroy the worm. The Skeleton King would make his final return in the final episode with a large army of the dead for final conquest. The series ended before we saw his final fate.

Partners in crime

The Skeleton King has worked with multiple villains in the series, but the most reoccuring villain that he has worked with is Mandarin, the once member to the monkey team. He has also teamed up with Jinmay but she became a good friend of the monkey team after it. He has another villainous ally, the sorceress named Valina who later was betrayed and killed by him after his resurrection.

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