SkekShod is the Skeksis' court Treasurer and one of the supporting antagonists in The Dark Crystal. His Mystic counterpart is UrYod, the numerologist.

He was performed by Tim Rose, with Charles Collingwood providing his voice.

SkekShod's powers of speech are severely limited, and he has trouble communicating other than through bribes. Within the Skeksi castle, SkekShod is administratively subordinate to the Chamberlain SkekSil, but his loyalty lies with a fellow intellectual, SkekZok.

"SkekShod the Treasurer counted gifts, not time. None dared approach him without some offering; yet his desires were so inordinate and his powers of speech so limited that he knew no other way to get his will other than extravagant bribery."

- The World of the Dark Crystal

Pre-production notes for the Treasurer note a "collar shaped like an abacus" and "pockets sagging from weight". SkekShod can often be seen biting coins to test for gold, reacting to the sound of coins, stroking a casket under his arm, and constantly wringing his hands. The easiest visual cue for picking out the Treasurer in the film is the kerchief head covering.

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