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A Skedar Warrior, as seen in Carrington Institute: Defense.

"We believe anything which does not work correctly should be destroyed."
~ Mr. Blonde

The Skedar are the main antagonist in Perfect Dark, along with the Datadyne corporation.


The Skedar are an alien race from the far side of the galaxy. A race of warmongers, they have been engaged in hostilities with the Maians. for centuries. Mr. Blonde is an undercover Skedar warrior. His voice and appearance gives it away once you reach the Deep Ship and the Skedar missions. Near the end of the game, Mr. Blonde kills his ex-associate Trent Easton The Skedar space fleet has been severely damaged in the war against the Maians. In one of the missions, Joanna Dark is taken prisoner on a Skedar assault ship. In the mission you must make your way to the bridge and take out the captain so that you can take a shuttle to their home world and destroy their leader. Although the Skedar race is not playable in multiplayer, you can still play as them if you play a counter-operative game on a level where the enemies are Skedar warriors. But even then, you are not technically playing as the model of the Skedar. You only control Mr. Blonde. They evolved as snake-like creatures. Once their technology advanced, they built Bio-Mechanical suits to fight and move in. It is unknown what their heads and faces look like due to the fact that they have never been seen off of the battlefield. An interesting thing is that they are mostly invulnerable to the Psychosis Gun, unless you hit the tail-like part at the back of their heads. This is because the battle suit protects them, and is a machine instead of an actual part of their body. The All Weapons cheat may be needed to observe this.

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