Skarlett is a villainous professional wrestler competing in the UK's Bellatrix promotion (formerly known as the World Association of Women's Wrestling, or WAWW, for short), where she is the current British Ladies Champion.

Skarlett began as a babyface (heroine) in WAWW's early shows, but she would become a villainess at Bellatrix 3 in November 2012. At the event, Skarlett was defeated by Penelope in the first round of the Queen of the Ring tournament, despite displaying a vicious heel mentality. After the match ended, the evil Skarlett attacked Penelope after pretending to congratulate her, establishing her villainous turn. On the following event, Skarlett defeated Violet O'Hara in dominant fashion in her first bout since turning heel, and she later served as one of the sole survivors (the other being Destiny) in an elimination tag team main event by lastly ousting Liberty. Skarlett would go on to pick up victories against Rebecca Mason and X-Cute Sweet before she was defeated by Christina Von Eerie at Bellatrix 7 in October 2013. Skarlett and Von Eerie brawled after the match ended.

After missing Bellatrix VIII due to injury, Skarlett appeared at Bellatrix IX in June 2014 and participated in the Queen of the Ring tournament, where she was defeated in the first round by Liberty. She bounced back with a victory over Miss Mina at Bellatrix X, after the heel-turned Penelope caused a distraction. At Bellatrix 12 in February 2015, Skarlett teamed with Saraya Knight in a victorious outing against Miss Mina and X-Cute Sweet. Skarlett maintained her villainous persona despite her partnership with beloved babyface Saraya.

At Bellatrix 13 three months later, Skarlett defeated Shax in the event's opening match. She later appeared after Chanel's successful defense of the British Ladies Championship against Lilly Fae and pretended to congratulate Chanel before goading her into a title match against her; knowing full well that Chanel had tonsillitis and was not feeling well. Despite this, Chanel accepted Skarlett's challenge, and later in the event, Skarlett defeated Chanel in a British Rules Match to capture the title. Skarlett won, 2-1, with her two falls coming after Chanel's sole tally.

Skarlett is portrayed as an arrogant heel, but she also displays a good amount of viciousness and brutality to her opponents. She also has no problem bullying her opponents in the ring as well.