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Skar is one of the many playable hero characters in the video game Darkspore, despite having an antagonistic background. He was the leader of the Nocturni Legion, a terrorist organization stationed on his homeworld, Nocturna.


Before the rise of the Darkspore, Skar led the Nocturni Legion, a terrorist organization with intentions to wipe out the other nations on Nocturna and rule the planet for themselves. Because of this, the Nocturni Legion was at war for many years, and Skar became feared by all on his homeworld. Despite many attempts made by the inhabitants to cripple the Nocturni Legion by killing Skar, Skar murdered all who got in his way and kept his organization strong. However, Skar's life and status changd, however, when the mutated bloodthirsty Darkspore invaders attacked Nocturna, killing both innocent inhabitants and Skar's minions despit many attempts to drive out the Darkspore. With the Nocturni Legion on the brink of disbanding, Skar and the surviving members of the Nocturni Legion banded together to take matters into their own hands. Skar eventually came across a Crogenitor named Ingto who empowered him with limited invisibility, and allied himself with his allies and enemies in the war initiated to eradicate the Darkspore from the Galaxy, though Skar swore to conquer his homeworld once the Darkspore were destroyed.

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