Sister Yolanda

Sister Yolanda is the leader of the Ripoff Church.

She appears to be quite old and wears an eye patch over her right eye. Despite her age and gentle appearance, she leads her organization with an iron fist. As the head of her organization, Yolanda usually never fights, leaving this job to gunmen like Eda and Rico. However, she does carry a customized golden Desert Eagle and uses it without hesitation. It should be noted that she can fire it one-handedly and with deadly accuracy, seemingly unaffected by the gun's infamous weight and heavy recoil. Her looks could be based on mother Angelica, a real life Roman Catholic nun who, at one time, wore an eye patch over her left eye. Yolanda is usually stern with Eda drinking alcohol in the church and seems to love tea. After an intelligent conversation with Rock, who convinces her to make a deal with the Lagoon Company, she is impressed by his abilities and credits Dutch for finding someone as rare as him. She refers to Revy as "Rebecca" and tells her that she may consider learning a thing or two from Rock. She has connections with all the criminal organization in terms of intelligence; and all though not officially part of the CIA, She serves as Eda's informant and confidant. She gives Eda fair warnings that her opponent is no rookie and she should be careful.

1000px-Yolanda 2

Yolanda's former beauty