Sister Miyako is one of the Orochi Necks of the anime Kannazuki no Miko. Her true name is Miyako and "Sister" is a word with religious origins.


Sister Miyako and Tsubasa are the most featured Orochi's necks. She has always aided the Orochi Members (except Tsubasa) with advices and information. Always when she goes fight, she tells some information and make a scheme to the enemy. Tsubasa is admired by her.


Sister Miyako was a nun that after a war, felt abandoned by God. But, she continues talking about God.

She was the first Orochi that attacked the two Priestess and told to Souma that he is an Orochi's neck. But, Souma resists persuasion and defeats Miyako.

After, Chikane decides fight for Himeko and goes to the church fights against Miyako. Miyako asked to Chikane accepts God and he willforgive her sins (lesbianism) and shows Himeko with Souma in love.Chikane leaves the place after defeats Miyako (Miyako feigned to beHimeko, but Chikane attacks her).

After Chikane turns Girochi into a stone statue, Corona, Nekoko and Reiko attack her, but Chikane turn them into stone too. So, Miyako fights again against her, and also become a stone statue afterChikane defeats her Gundam.

Miyako becomes a normal and happy woman after Chikane's sacrifice.