Sister Assumpta

Sister Assumpta.

Sister Assumpta is a minor antagonist from the Channel 4 comedy Father Ted. She is the nun Ted, Dougal and Jack call to help them give up cigarettes, alcohol and rollerblading for Lent. However, she is revealed to be a barbaric nun who torments the priests during her stay at their house.

She is played by Rosemary Henderson.


Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading

Sister Assumpta appears in season 2 episode 8, "Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading", as the nun sent by the help centre Ted phones when the priests can't hold their Lent vows.

Ted remembers her, but Dougal has trouble remembering her (despite a lengthy account of their previous encounter, which involved Dougal winning £100 and subsequently being arrested by the Garda, the Garda station then catching on fire, which required Dougal to be rescued by air-sea rescue helicopter, but then he fell out of the helicopter and landed in the tiger cage at a zoo), until Ted tells Dougal he was wearing his blue sweater, at which point, Dougal remembers. However, Sister Assumpta remembers the recently sobered Father Jack all too well; his fear of nuns (last seen in season 1 episode 5 "And God Created Woman") resurfaces and he throws himself out the window.

It's not long before Sister Assumpta reveals she's in league with the mad Matty Hislop and his madder doctrine, as she:

  • Wakes Ted and Dougal at 5:00am in the morning (despite Ted leaving a note say they don't get up till later on in the morning)
  • Replaces their respective Frosties and Pop-Tarts with water
  • Forces them to take icy baths outside
  • Drags them around a field on the back of a tractor
  • Shoots at them whilst she's having a banquet
  • Gives them Chinese and Indian burns
  • And even replaces the mattresses on their beds with bricks

Fed up with having to put up with this for the next 39 days, Ted and Dougal reluctantly go to Rugged Island, where their enemies, Father Dick Byrne, Father Cyril MacDuff and Father Jim Johnson live. Here, Ted finds out the Rugged Island gang haven't agreed to the giving-things-up-for-Lent competition as Ted thought. Reluctantly, they go home, only to find Sister Assumpta has helped herself (to her heart's content) to some chocolate Easter eggs John and Mary (two of Ted's parishioners, who run Craggy Island's village shop) had given Ted earlier on in the episode. Worried that the nuns will find out what she did, Ted tells her he'll forget the matter if she goes to Rugged Island to whip Dick, Cyril and Jim into shape.

Greeting Sister Assumpta, Dick is oblivious to his fate, and he, Cyril and Jim are shown being thrashed by Sister Assumpta holding a birch over the end credits.

Other appearances

Sister Assumpta makes another appearance, in season 1 episode 5 "And God Created Woman", as the leader of the group of nuns who visit the Parochial House.