Chivalry is dead, but thievery is alive and well!
~ Sir Vile

Sir Vile is an antagonist in the Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego TV show and video game. He was portrayed by John Lathan.


Sir Vile is a medieval knight wearing a heavy iron armor with leather additions on the waist and pants. In the first season, his armor had a dragon theme with spikes on top of the helmet and a pointed hatch over his face, which was reddish-purple in color, a generator strapped to his back and leading to his hands, allowing him to conduct electricity. In the second season, however, his armor became similar in appearance to a heater or a boiler, red in coloration and with a red cross-like symbol on his chest, his own face now red with a thin mustache. Vile constantly speaks in a sophisticated manner, referring to Carmen as "mistress" or "queen", hinting at a possible crush.


Vile is completely subservient to Carmen, acting to her every command and whim without asking twice, in a few ways similar to the common knight stereotype seen in medieval tales, only he has no sense of honor or limitations. He seems to understand well of medieval times and monarchies, which are his common target dates.

Powers and behavior

Vile, like all villains summoned by Carmen, would steal something from a time period and proceed to escape the Chronoskimmer every time it closed in on him. He can also ripple dissolve away to avoid being captured both seasons In the first season, he would zap it with electrical bolts from his hands, but in the second season, he would breathe fire into an open exhaust pipe, overheating the engine. Also like the others, Vile was eventually captured by the sole-remaining Time Pilot in the Trail of Time, needing 3 gates complete to trap him in a capture orb.


From my boot blades to my helmet spikes, I am thy disposal, mistress!
~ being summoned by Carmen Sandiego
Hahahahahaha! So much for the time pilots! Hahahahaha!
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer in Season 1
I must exeunt! Only to joust again!
~ Escaping into the Trail of Time in Season 1.
Thy mechanical beast is NO match for Sir Vile! Hahahaha!
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer door in Season 2.
Burning, baby, burnin! Chrono inferno! Hahahaha!
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer hatch in Season 2.
*gasp* Now I'm REALLY fired up, Time Pilots!
~ Escaping into the Trail of Time in Season 2.


  • His name is a pun on two terms:
    • The term "servile", referring to someone who is subservient and loyal to a dominating presence, defining Sir Vile's personality.
    • The organization V.I.L.E., which Carmen is leader of.