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Human Form

Count Auguste also know as Sir Vampire, is a powerful vampire and master of Bathe'lemyGuillaumeRaoul and Diane.

He is the main antagonist and final boss of the video game,  Vampire Night.


He leads an army of undead and vampires that spreads evil across the land, he is actually the creator of the protagonists:Albert and Michael to kill him when he could no longer bear immortality but became afraid of dying and tried to stop them.

First Form


First Form

In his first form, he becomes a demonic giant bat that can summon bats and use them to attack the protagonists, he can project a spiral chain of bats that can harm the protagonists and also use the bats as a shield.

Second Form


Second Form

After the battle against his first form, his transformation is now complete and now he is a fully-demonic vampire.

He can teleport and attack the protagonists with the previous bosses attacks:Energy Blades(Bathe'lemy), Fire Rocks(Guillaume), Meteorite-Like Rocks(Raoul) and Water Tornados(Diane)


After the final showndown against Count Auguste, he speaks with the protagonists and later die with them by the sunlight.


  • His teleportation is similar to Magician from The House of the Dead series

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