Get off my f**king platform!
~ Sir Topham Hatt yelling at Thomas Gotze
Sir Topham Hatt is the main antagonist in the 2015 web video Thomas The Tank Engine: Shed 17. He is the controller of Sodor Railway Company.


Sir Topham Hatt was born into money and took his surname to heart, wearing a top hat all the time. In 1977, After Sodor became increasingly under the supervision of British Rail, he was appointed as the new controller of Sodor Railways. He was hated by the Sodor locals for shutting down the branch lines and smaller stations, and firing steam engine volunteers.

In 1979, When he heard of the "Sodor Experiment" by Sodor Research, he staged a hostile takeover and bought a controlling share within weeks. As a result, Bio-fused engines would be allowed, then obliged to work on the railway. Sir Topham had everything recorded, and all of it was classified. After the engines' work schedule increased, more accidents occurred.

When filming for the TV Series was underway, Edward was to pull into Wellsworth and whistle to some kids on the platform. But when he does so, blood starts spurting out of his whistle. When Mavis was to be the first bio-fushed locomotive used on the railway, her internal organs were burned by fuel she was loaded with. As a result, Sir Topham Hatt bans fueled engines from being used on Sodor. Topham kept the accidents a secret from the public, which included legal disclaimers being signed by anyone being bio-fused so they wouldn't take any legal action, and selling the engines to other countries in multi-million pound deals. However, the attempts came to an end after a very public accident.

Sir Topham Hatt when experimenting on Gordon.

A man named Gordon paid a large amount to be Sodor's first 4-6-2 configuration engine, much bigger than any other engine at the time. Topham made the rail staff fire him up. One night, He, some of the rail staff (including Keith Hartley) and Dr. Owen Routh fired Gordon up. Gordon started complaining about the heat before pleading the rail staff to put his fire out. But Sir Topham wanted to see what would happen and held the rail staff back, arguing that he "put alot of work into Gordon, and the chances to get him working were too great an opportunity". Gordon was cooking from the inside, causing his boiler to explode, injuring most of the rail staff. Sir Topham stopped the others from putting out the fire, calling for ambulances or the fire brigade, insisting that any evidence would fall back on them and that no one from the outside can see whats happened. Untill someone suggested airlifting the injured people to the hospital on board Harold. However, Harold malfunctions, killing himself and the injured people aboard. As a result the smoke from Harold can be seen over the town and news people would be coming, Topham told the rail staff to close the labs and clean the mess themselves, with some help from an engine named Henry.

On January 31, 1983, Henry was diverted to Shed 17, where Thomas was bio-fused into a tank engine, and was shocked by what he saw inside. He decided to confront Sir Topham Hatt about it, which resulted in a heated argument for 10 minutes. The next day after Henry warns Thomas to stay away from Shed 17, Sir Topham had reopened an old fish line that had been shut down since 1970 and sent Henry to take the Flying Kipper along the route. After a week on the kipper run, Sir Topham Hatt blocked a railway switch with a spike, sending Henry on a rear end collision with another train, killing the Henry's driver and fireman. Sir Topham then arranges Henry to be sent to Crewe under the false impression that he'll get a new shape and a larger firebox. In truth, Henry was sent there to get scrapped.

Next evening, Thomas goes to Shed 17 to see what Sodor Research was hiding. After Thomas found out what was inside, Sir Topham Hatt disappeared without a trace.