Scared? It's okay. I would be too, if I were dealing with the Manliest Knight in Caketown.
~ Sir Tomato

Sir Tomato is the leader of the BLT Trio and number-two henchman to Queen Cordelia. Although he claims to be the manliest knight in Caketown, he's really just the one with the biggest ego. His favorite passtime is hitting on Princess Parfait.

Sir Tomato used to be allies with Sir Carrot. When Cordelia came in and started eliminating any knights who stood in her way, Sir Tomato and the other members of the BLT Squad quickly switched to her side.

The BLT Trio consists of Tomato, Dame Lettuce, and Sir Bacon. Tomato is haughty and constantly picks on those weaker than him, especially Bacon. Despite this rowdy attitude, Tomato is rather easily defeated by Almond.