Sir Thursday

Sir Thursday is the main antagonist of Sir Thursday, the fourth book of The Keys to the Kingdom series. He is the fourth one of the Seven Morrow Days and is suffered from the sin of wrath.


Sir Thursday

Little is known about Thursday's early life. He was Commander of the Glorious Army of the Architect, and Overlord of the Great Maze. He is a very powerful, cruel, volatile, destructive, temperamental, quarrelsome, impatient, and excessively violent Denizen. He is afflicted with Anger/Wrath, one of the seven deadly sins. His obedience is to Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday, whose orders he is obeying when he retains the Will against its demands. Arthur distracted him by exciting his anger, thereby releasing the Fourth Part of the Will, and claimed the Fourth Key, which chose to take the form of a baton or a rapier when in his grasp, as opposed to the broadsword wielded by Sir Thursday.

Arthur ordered that Thursday be put in safe keeping to avoid assassination; thus the former Trustee is currently under arrest in the Citadel and closely guarded.


Marshal Dusk reveals that Sir Thursday was dissolved by Nothing, save for his boots and feet. Lord Sunday rightly blames Dame Primus for his assassination.

Physical appearance and personalities

Sir Thursday might not be particularly handsome or tall, unlike other superior Denizens; but his orders were absolute. He beats his subordinates, including the Marshals Dawn, Noon and Dusk when angry, and killed two Piper's Children in a fit of rage.