Sir Serpent is a villain from Thumb Wrestling Federation.His signiture move is a serpant sneak attack which is very snake like.


Sir Serpent comes from England where he was knighted by the king and dated by the queen. He soon joined the TWF as a member of the evil Sinistras. In his match against Hometown Huck he refused to throw the first punch because of his gentleman honor. However Huck didn't want to either so they had a huge stand off waiting for the other to attack them first which lead to many fans and fellow wrestlers to get angry. That is until Pinky poured goo on them and they both began to fight each other. Serpant lost the match. He later returned in season 4 where he and Mugsy Thumbscrew were sent by Bucks Gazillion to use a device in order for Itsy Bitsy to win her match however they were attacked by a monster in the stands.