Sir sanguinus

My body... it is the colour of blood... The deep, rich crimson that flows through the veins of the Grand Architect Himself...
~ Sir Sanguinus

Sir Sanguinus is one of the enigmatic grotto bosses from the Nintendo DS video game Dragon Quest IX. He's a crusader who's supposedly fully made of blood, from his armor to his body. It is unknown if its steed is also as well.

And, apparently, not just any blood, but the blood of origin; according to some speeches, like Fowleye's, some of these bosses come from body parts of Zenus. If this theory is true, then this monster is most likely what was his blood and, according to its speech, the blood of all living beings.

He attacks twice per turn and uses debuff spells like Disruptive Wave, critical hits from him are also quite common.