Sir Roland

Sir Roland was one of the villains in the live action televison series "World Without End". He is a charismatic but also power-hungry and ruthless knight in the employ of Queen Isabella, and operates in the town of Kingsbridge. 


Sir Roland first appears in the first episode as a knight who approaches Queen Isabella with a list of supposed traitors to the crown. Sweet-talking his way into the queen's good graces, she makes him the new Earl and allows him to arrest several individuals, including the Caris' father Edmund Wooler and Ralph and Merthin's father Sir Gerald for treason. Sir Roland then has them all hanged with the exception of Edmund, whose life he spares after being bribed by Petranilla (who he also has a past romantic history with). Later, he takes on Ralph as an apprentice, and attends the annual Spring Festival, revealing that he is to be married. However, he retains feelings for Petranilla, especially after his nearly dying when the bridge collapses and he almost drowns. Fortunately for him, he is saved by Ralph and nursed back to health by Caris.

Though he becomes a married man, little does Sir Roland know that his wife has been cheating on him with his own son. Upon learning of this from Petranilla, Sir Roland is enraged and orders his pregnant wife out of his sight, also accidentally killing her in his rage. He later becomes one of the many victims of the Black Plague.

Personality and Traits

Suave, charming, and well-spoken, Sir Roland seems to be friendly and reasonable enough. But behind his manners and eagerness to please lies a very ambitious and also quite ruthless individual, who had several people hanged for treason when in fact they were innocent. He did spare Caris' father Edmund, but only because he was bribed and even then has his legs broken. These actions show a great capacity for cruelty, and he also had the brothers Ralph and Merthin fight each other until one draws blood as a means of determining who to take on as his apprentice, showing that he also has a capcity for sadism.

Notably though for all of the above he is not completely without redeeming qualities, as he seems to care for his sons and also has in the past been enamored with Petranilla, who returns his affections. This suggests there are people in his life he did care about, but outside of those select few he was fairly amoral in his dealings with the rest of Kingsbridge, but also at the same time knows how to make himself look good to a crowd.