Sir Richard Rose is the main villain and last boss from Sunset Riders.


Sir Richard Rose is a wealthy Englishman who became a land baron in the West. He owns various business such as railroads, banks and saloons. Richard uses his wealth to make his own laws. This marked him as an outlaw worth a bounty of $100,000.

Bounty hunters Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano hear about Richard Rose from a group of rescued dancers. They decide to search for him and collect the large bounty. They are forced to face Richard's henchmen. El Greco, Chief Scalpem and Paco Loco. Afterward, the bounty hunters enter Richard's fort and continue their search. Many thugs fight them along the way. Eventually, they find Richard outside his mansion. He hides behind two statues but then fights the bounty hunters one-on-one.

Members of Richard's private army also assist him. He stills loses the battle, but stands up and laughs. He then reveals using a plate to protect himself. The fight resumes and Richard fights without any help. He loses again and is killed since his armor was destroyed. The four bounty hunters collect their reward and then separate. Each one goes his own way.

Initially, the fight against Sir Richard Rose is very similar to the fight against Simon Greedwell. It is much harder as Richard Rose stands on a balcony, constantly shooting while his goons come from each sides. After receiving enough damage, Richard will drop onto the ground and ditch his plating. Richard will then move much like the player. He will jump into the balcony and back, slide along the floor, and pursue the player.