Sir Richard Rose is the main villain and last boss from Sunset Riders. He is a wealthy, gay Englishman who became a land baron in the West, owning various business such as railroads, banks and saloons, making his own law in the places he owned, which granted him a wealth income and a bounty of $100.000 over his head. The four bounty-hunters Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano hear about him after defeating The Smith Bros, and decide to go after him, but first they go after Richard's three henchmen, El Greco, Chief Scalpem and Paco Loco. After they defeat the three henchmen, they enter Richard's property, fighting his thugs along the way, then facing Richard outside his mansion, along with his thugs. Richard protects himself over two statues, then fights the bounty-hunters one-on-one. He is apparently defeated, but he gets up laughing, revealing he was using a plate to protect himself, then resuming the fight. Even so, he ends defeated. The four collect their reward, then get separated, each one going his own way.

Initially the fight against him is very similar to the fight against Simon Greedwell though much harder, as Richard Rose stands in the balcony in the middle constantly shooting while goons come from the sides. After taking enough damage Richard will drop into the ground and ditch his plating. Richard will move much like the player character, jumping into and from the balcony, sliding and moving around the screen to pursue the player.