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So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
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~ Sir Percy Ware-Armitage after his plane is destroyed.
Sir Percy Ware-Armitage is the main villain in Those Magfnificent Men in their Flying Machines. He heard about an air race between London and Paris and he wanted in. He implyed that he would do whaterver it takes to win by saying to Richard Mays' fiance that he "never leaves anything to chance" and he says to his driver Courtney "screw the rules I have money". He was often cheating in the big air race between London and Paris.  He loses the race when he is blinded by smoke from a steam train and his plane gets caught between 2 carriages. Frustrated, Percy runs towards the steam engine asking the driver to stop the train, however he notices a low tunnel. Unable to do anything, his plane is destroyed  by the tunnel.

He sometimes bullies his own henchman/driver Courtney into sabotaging other racers prior to the big race

He drugged the Prussian pilot by spiking a glass of red wine (indirectly since he intended to to drug the Japanese pilot Yamamoto,  but he said it served him right) so they needed the incompitent Colonel Manfred von Holstein to take his place and hacked off one of the wheels of the American pilot, Orvill's plane, while Courtney sabotaged Yamamoto's plane with a hack saw.

Percy was the stereotypical scheming British toff complete with moustache only facial hair and bad and missing teeth

Portrayed by Terry-Thomas who also voiced Sir Hiss.